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How ARGENTUM International Will Help You Reach Your Goals


Argentum International Mineral Resource Consultants provides a broad range of services which apply to the mineral resources sector in the Southern Hemisphere.

These services include:

Exploration and geological evaluation of prospects,

Mineral resource project management and development,

Mineral resource asset sales,

Government and infrastructure negotiations and statutory approvals and identifying opportunities for investors and investors for opportunities,


Debt/equity funding, hedging and financial modelling

Assistance with potential broker/purchaser introduction for capital raising

Brokering sales between Supplier & Buyer

We recognize that selling minerals is not an option for every mineral owner. However, if you decide to sell, our experience and relationships with gold, platinum zinc diamond and precious stone buyers can help obtain top dollar for your mineral assets in a fair, quick and transparent transaction.

ARGENTUM provide a secure, confidential framework to protect buyers and sellers.

Exploration and Geological Evaluation of Prospects

If you are in the process looking to open a mine in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentum can help in all areas by arranging detailed surveys, borehole test drilling and provide you with all the appropriate reports needed for the project.

Mineral Resource Project Management and Development

Argentum can provide you with detailed reports advising on the best way to develop your existing project. In order to extract the maximum value for the minimum investment.

Mineral Resource Asset Sales


This is the area where Argentum excel, we have the ability to help the mine owner gain a secure route to good quality business partners. We work on a small commission basis and with total confidentiality.

Debt/Equity Funding, Hedging & Financial Modelling

Through our Banking division our financial experts can advise you on the best way forward.

What else can ARGENTUM help you with?

If you are a Mine owner looking for investment or hold the Licence for a mine but don't have the capital to get the project moving - that is where Argentum can help you.

If it is a different sort of problem, talk to us we may be able to help, send us an email and let us know what you are facing Contact us

Bring your Investment Opportunities to us and we will help you locate Top Notch Investors.

Argentum are approached regularly with investment opportunities in Mineral and precious metal mining sector in the Southern Hemisphere.

Argentum have never failed to find investors for any of the projects that we have handled. We hold a large portfolio of investors around the world interested in investing in this area, Read More.

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