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Dvokolwako Diamond Mine in Swaziland

One of Argentum's partners is seeking investment in a project to re-open Dvokolwako Diamond mine in Swaziland. There is 15 years of mineable life left in the pit, according to reports from TRANSHEX the previous miners.

Full Reports are available regarding mineral resources left in the pit.

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Large Diamond found in Alluvial deposits in Save River area Mozambique

A 40km x 10km area of alluvial gravel deposits at a confluence of the Save River has been earmarked for bulk sampling to take place in 2015. One of Argentum's partners is seeking interested investors to partner with them for the exploration of this gravel field.

Diamonds found in the Save River Area

This collection of diamonds recovered from the initial bulk sampling of the alluvial deposits on the Save river during 2015 heighten the interest shown by investors in partnering with the mining licence holder. Argentum have identified 4 such investors and brokered communications with the mining licence holder.

Striking the deal

Argentum have succesfully brokered the deal between an Investor (Name witheld) and the Mozambique Save river alluvial gravel deposit project.

7 New Kimberlite pipes have been discovered in a remote area of Southern Zimbabwe.

Initial bulk sampling have identified diamondiferous gravels in elluvial deposits around the Kimberlite pipes. The Licence holder is now seeking investors who are interested in partnering and mining the site. Argentum have been engaged to help identify such investors.

Multiple Kimberlite pipes and dikes identified Southern Lesotho

Argentum are in negotiation with the Lesotho Government regarding the issuance of a Mining Licence on behalf of one of Argentum's partners.

New Diamond gravels found in romote coastal area in Namibia

Argentum are in discussions with the Mining Licence holders regarding locating suitable investment.

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