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Available as cut or uncut stones in varying quantities per month. The larger parcels available are generally uncut stones. The stones will be available for view at our partners London offices.

Stones are sourced from various different world-wide sources and shipped to London for viewing. Viewing could be arranged at our Dubai offices by arrangement and a fee from our partners.

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Rubies Sapphires and Emeralds


Rubies, Large quantities of high grade uncut rubies are available for viewing at our Dubai offices, by arrangement.

The Parcels of uncut rubies can be viewed individually and negotiated on separately.

Sapphires will become available some time late 2017. Our partners are in the process of constructing their mine. The deposits are high quality and are expected to yield some fantastic stones.

Emeralds will be available from March 2017 as our partners mine starts production and export to our Dubai offices for inspection of the parcels of uncut stones.

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Gold Platinum & Zinc


Gold, We currently deal with a mine that produces up to 200Kg gold per month. This is refined in Dubai into gold bars. These bars can be viewed at our offices in Dubai.

Platinum is a future product as we have identified huge reserves and are working with a company who are undertaking the exploration and planning to establish a new mine thereafter.

If your organisation are interested in partnering in a Platinum exploration, Please refer top our investment opportunities page.

Zinc will be available in large quantities from January 2017 onwards.


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Welcome to magic Istria
Markets we operate in

Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Zinc.

Diamonds are available in large quantities as the are sourced from all over the world.

Ruby, currently sourced from high quality mines in Afghanistan and Mozambique. Large quantities of uncut stones are available.

Emeralds will be available they are currently sourced from our Partners in the Far East whose mine is still under construction..

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