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What ARGENTUM can do for you

Argentum International Mineral Resource Consultants provide a broad range of services which apply to the mineral resources sector in the Southern Hemisphere.

These services include:

Exploration and geological evaluation of prospects, mineral resource project management and development, mineral resource asset sales, government and infrastructure negotiations and statutory approvals and identifying opportunities for investors and investors for opportunities, debt/equity funding, hedging and financial modelling
Assistance with potential broker/purchaser introduction for capital raising
We recognize that selling minerals is not an option for every mineral owner. However, if you decide to sell, our experience and relationships with gold, platinum zinc diamond and precious stone buyers can help obtain top dollar for your mineral assets in a fair, quick and transparent transaction

Why Choose Us

Looking to buy Minerals to hedge against currency Fluctuations?

Sensible people in these uncertain times are looking to convert their cash into valuable minerals that are not affected by devaluing currencies. Such as Gold, Platinum, Diamonds and other precious stones.

Available Mineral Resources

ARGENTUM have many Partners who work with our organisation to sell their Minerals . Argentum bring trusted buyers together with the mine owners or Mineral Dealers. We bring the right companies together. We work with mines producing Gold, Platinum, Zinc, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and many other commodities.


Confidential, Professional Partners.

We have huge numbers of buyers seeking to exchange currency for rare minerals and precious metals.

Similarly, we act on behalf of a large number of mine owners, seeking sales.

World Wide Presence

With offices in the UK, Dubai, Swaziland, Mauritius and Hong Kong

Investment Opportunities

Our partners who have worked in the Mining Industry for many years are always on the lookout for new rich deposits of minerals. On finding new deposits our partners often ask us to seek investment partners who are interested in joining the new exploratorations.

(See our Investment section)

Broad Spectrum of Services

Our company members are drawn from Mining, Geology, Minerology, Banking and Finacial backgrounds, so we can bring a wealth of experience to any project.

What our clients say

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If you don’t find trusted partners, you go out of business. AIM always bring the best buyers.

Tallis Gold

When it comes to finding reliable buyers for our Diamonds, we always take advice from ArgentuM.

Sellbridge Minerals

If Argentum International recommend a buyer to us, we know that buyer is reliable.

AZR Mining

AIM have always brought the best buyers to us, allowing us to sell our minerals without worry.

MMR Minerals
Our Partners

Is there any service not listed on our website that we can help you with?

Please contact us to discuss new ways in which we can help you achieve your goals.

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ARGENTUM International Mineral Resource Consultants
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